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Partner Webinar: How to mitigate the risk of increased API use
Duration: 60 Minutes

April 7th 2022 1 PM EDT

Application Programmable Interface (APIs) are the cornerstone of digital transformations for many enterprises. Whether developing applications in new cloud-native architectures, automating business-to-business processes or providing a back-end for mobile applications, APIs are rising in significance to the enterprise.

The flexibility on offer also brings potential pain points, including:
• Difficulty managing known APIs and tracking third-party or unknown APIs
• Overhead of maintaining a live inventory of APIs with sensitive data
• Complexity securing digital transformation in rapidly developing architectures
Imperva API Security delivers complete API visibility, eliminating compliance risk and securing evolving cloud architectures.

Join us to learn how your customers can quickly identify and establish a positive security model with zero impact on Development and deliver continuous API discovery with automatic data classification for sensitive data, increasing productivity and eliminating compliance risk.


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Michele Sullivan
Senior Director Application Security Strategy Executive @Imperva
Luke Babarinde
Principal Architect @Imperva